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Get clarity and focus on building and growing a business for financial freedom.

What We Do

We help local trades and small business owners create a profitable and independent business.

  • Achieve business and financial stability.

  • Create long-term security with a sustainable independent business.

  • Achieve Independence and Autonomy away from being 'on the tools'.

Who We Work With

Local Trades and Small Business Owners

We work with local trades people and small business owners to help them create a scalable business. We do this by first systemising your business to give you valuable time back to start working on your business and not being on the tools.

Whether you want an independent growing business, or an asset you can exit in the future, we have the experience and knowledge to get you to where you want to be, quickly.

Some of the common challenges we solve:

  • Struggling to Grow.

  • Business Overwhelm.

  • Inconsistent up-and-down workloads.

  • Eliminating erratic Sales and Cashflow.

  • Increasing Profitability.

  • Automating and Streamlining Operations.


How we help you grow...


Creating a sustainable organic and paid marketing system.


Become sales focused and driven to create and close more deals


Be customer focused through service and operations.


4.9/5 star reviews

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What People Say

"Scaling Trade turned my business around with personalised strategies that boosted my sales and profit margins, making my operation more streamlined."

- Brian H

"The strategy call with Scaling Trade was a game-changer, offering custom advice that expanded my customer reach and dramatically increased my sales."

- Kris T

"Thanks to Scaling Trade, I've seen a 35% rise in sales and achieved a new level of independence, all by implementing their targeted growth strategies."

- Sam R

Who are we?

Meet The Founders

Our Experience & Why We do it

Over 25 years experience in business...

Stephen Howe is a seasoned expert in getting businesses to run like well-oiled machines, making sure they sell more, get noticed, and work smarter. His relentless passion for connecting the dots between what a business needs and the best ways to make it all happen smoothly.

He’s also all about making sure that every part of a business, from the front desk to the final product, works together seamlessly, so nothing is wasted, and everything clicks into place. This isn’t just about tech – it's about people and plans coming together to make a business better, faster, and stronger.

Michael Forbes-Wright (aka Forbesy) is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor to start-ups, and sales professional.

With 20+ year sales career working for some of the most disruptive fastest growing and largest companies in the world of tech - from start-ups to global multi-billion dollar companies, he has seen it all.

During that time he’s made over £50million in sales, is well connected to C-Levels of FTSE 100/250 companies who he has advised, and has a personal network of multi-million pound entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, and a lover of all things business he has started and run multiple businesses, one of which was sold and another that amassed more than 25,000 sales on ebay back in 2006 due to his ability to spot trends way before they become trends.

As an investor and advisor he knows what a good company should look like, how it should function as well as how to make it grow and scale successfully to exit.


Satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason in the first 14 days of working with us you can ask for a full no quibble refund.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with anyone?

We work with home improvement business owners such as Roofers, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Cleaners who have been trading for at least 18-24 months.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We are not in the business of setting false expectations, this is not a one sided engagement, you will need to put the work in and remain focused, consistent and disciplined for it to work.

What experience do you have?

We've worked with startups (both funded and non funded) all the way up to global brands and enterprises. We focus on aligning People, Process and Technology across the Marketing, Sales and Operations of your business in order to create a profitable scalable self-sufficient business. We've been consulting for over 20 years.

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